※A Roll of Film to Recap an Awes☆me Weekend – RWB and AE86 Matsuri※

Something about putting watermarks on film pictures doesn’t sit so well with me.  For the time being I’m not going to be watermarking this post. So if you decid to share, please credit me appropriately, thanks in advance as always.  ~Matt

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Everyone must know the story already, but it not a bad thing to review with repetition, and none the less with awesome film pictures!  When displaying film I really like the aspect of a “roll” of film and thus like to display almost all the images from my rolls of film if possible.  And with that, lets get started!

I’m not quite sure why it takes Bic Camera so dam long to develop my film, aside from a special 630 Million pixel CD for scans, it was nothing out of the ordinary.  Well, here we are a week and a half later with some okay scans of an awesome weekend.

Nojima-san doing what he does best, about the time that he started changing parts in and out ready to primer the hood as I spoke about in previous posts.  Check it out here.

At RWB it’s always going at a steady pace, here Nakai-san is popping in a rear quarter window.  After the car was painted all the small pieces had to be reassembled naturally.

14 inches, nuff said!

Glorious amounts of Porsche memorabilia to feast your eyes on as your relieve yourself and breathe in fresh scented petals, or in this case maybe not so fresh.

The shop: It felt like stepping into a Porsche Kings secret stash of goodies, so many small trinkets and items from the many visitors RWB has hosted throughout the years.  I spent a good deal of my time when not helping out or shooting pictures just idly walking around admiring all sorts of the neat little things.

Throughout the night Nakai worked on several projects but this suspension adjustment plate took up most of the time.  Here he was in the process of removing some of the parts that were in the way of reaching the bolts to fit the and shape the plate.

The widely known “idlers” club tire spray stencil laying about on a hood of a project.  I hope they don’t get any overspray on any of Nojima-san’s fabulous paint jobs.

Paint booth blinds zipped shut, which means the paint master is busy at work.

There isn’t a DJ in the Rauh-Welt garage but man, the music that comes through those speakers is well picked and very mood setting.  A mix of new, old, and a variety of genres.  A closer look at the more lounging oriented side of the RWB shop.

This was at the point that most people who have done any fabrication know all to well.  The fit and grind, fit and grind part of the job.  Also, since the adjustments are made from under the car; it has to be jacked up every time they need to adjust the toe in and toe out after recalculating with the laser.  A little labour intensive.

My two guides having a great old chat.  Thanks once again to the two of these guys.  Tomo and Shinji-san.  ありがとうね!

What was left of the crashed Porsche from one of the previous races, not sure which one, but the most recent was the 12 hour Enduro.

Hungry, chowing down on a hot burger curtsey of Shinji and Tomo delivery services, (笑).

The handsome devil himself, Shinji-san in all his glory.  Full of food and super happy!  Right before this shot he was having mad amounts of fun on his new iPhone5.

On the transition to the next day I spent the night in Roppongi people watching and wandering around with two of my friends.  Something that is an interesting event in itself.  It is cool to experience the variety of personalities and watch as they change after consuming alcohol.

Waiting for the first train out of Roppongi to meet with Park.  This girl had mad swagger!  5.30 am and you find some crazy people in the subways around party hubs like Roppongi and Shibuya.

Wasn’t sure if my camera was working, so in the train I took a few pictures to wind through some of the film.  The spool that catches the film or keeps it tight, one of the two, is loose on my second film camera.  Sometimes it doesn’t pull the film as far as I want it to so I end up with pictures that are chopped off and others that have parts from the one before half included.  It adds to the fun of film to have a slightly faulty camera but when you are trying to capture something of greater importance you kind of want it to work properly.

Japan is probably, and I say probably because I haven’t been to many other countries were trains are used as much as they are here.  But, I doubt you’ll ever see something as cute as Hello Kitty telling you to be careful as you exit the doors of the train.  Just a small quirk I liked on this particular train.

In the city, train conductors get out of the train and fiddle with buttons that play noises so that people not paying attention will realize when doors are opening and closing.  It’s a nice convenience, but when you get out a bit further to the outskirts of Tokyo the trains come less often and the conductors just sit in their little cubicle sheltered from the public and wait.  Maybe glancing out the window or through a mirror once or twice, and then its off again down the track.

Park is one handsome guy ladies!  Make sure you hit him up on HighTopFade, haha!

Nothing more than giant bowling pins in the middle of suburbia.  This train line is elevated because, the farther out you get in Tokyo the more cars are used; and so it probably would cause to much traffic to have cars stopping all the time for passing trains.

Switching from a major line to something a little smaller, maybe a couple cars shorter and different interior styling.  It had an old musty feeling and you faced each other in a sit down dining style like a small american diner.  The windows could be brought down and there were shades for when the sun was to bright out.  But it was early in the morning and we wanted to see the great view and smell the fresh autumn air.

Sometimes though, you shouldn’t mess with windows on a train when you are wearing a hat.  As nice as it was, climbing through the mountains up to Sagamiko we encountered our first tunnel at around 80 kilometers an hour.  The pressure wave of the tunnel hitting our window scared the shit out of us both and sent Park’s hat flying through the car landing on some lady’s purse.  We quickly closed it to a small gap.

It was my first time on a train that was traveling on such a steep incline, well what I thought was steep compared to the busy and flat lines in Tokyo’s city center.

What a rare sight, I had to snap this!  Come on ladies, at least be social…they were probably in their late 30’s or early 40’s and were both ‘nerding’ it up on the train with their Play Station Portables.  Slightly sad, but hey, it’s what their into.  Just like how people don’t get me when I stop in awe as a clean old r32 rolls by on the streets in Tokyo.  “What was so good about that car Matt?” I get a lot, because I’m still not used to seeing Skylines as they are virtually nonexistent in the States.

The train Station was so picturesque, I really loved it.  Weeds grew but nature would eventually take care of them this coming winter, it was hot and a little humid but the day was fresh with great things to do and memories to capture!

Here’s another shot of that AE86 that Park saw the year before at the same spot and around the same time.  I feel like I’m looking at a picture of Takumi’s car from Initial D in a real life setting, before he had the Tofu stickers on it of course.

The view from the bridge that spans close to the dam holding all this water in.  I spent at least a solid 20 minutes looking at the view on and off as we climbed up to the top of the mountains.

These structures are very interesting and work with well when all the over growth from the plants above extends to the edge.  I don’t know what they are called, but they make good pictures.  Starring HighTopFade’s Park.

And from a lookout near the middle of the tunnel.

A few examples of mountain lifestyle in Japan.  A little wooden house, you don’t see more traditional wooden houses in the suburbs as much.  Most likely due to earthquake awareness.

In anticipation to the buzzing Corolla’s on their way up the mountain, Mr. HighTopFade readies his camera.

HachiRoku festival 2012~!  Camp was set up with whole families attending the occasion behind some cars.  Real great to see how deep the car culture is here in Japan.

This two beauties were probably two of my favorite from the whole show.  I know white Ae86’s are sort of cliché but this just was so nice! No kit and the unpainted bumper look just really worked.

And then this thing showed up a little later and Park moved probably the fastest I’ve seen him move in a while, which isn’t that fast because he is a super chilled guy.  But he was stoked on this B210 Sunny Coupe and ended up staying to shoot a great deal more of it.

Another shot from behind.  Really an sporty little car!  Original motor and everything!  If you want to check out more of this car you can look through Park’s pictures here.

More content coming soon, I have some legal stuff to take care of and have been on the go slow since school started.

Please credit me if you decided to share the pictures please.  Much appreciated!



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